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New cup for professional tasting of espresso

Open by Ancap

The new cup with ergonomic handle for a professional tasting of coffee

As the glass is important for tasting wine, also the cup is indispensable for an excellent tasting of espresso and cappuccino.

Material, shape, ergonomics and capacity must be studied to obtain the best result of the espresso in cup. This means that Ancap is constantly studying his products to enhance the performance and grant you a unique tasting of espresso and cappuccino (aroma, feeling, eye catching design).

Ancap is partner of coffee roasters starting from 1990. Today Ancap proudly present Open: the evolution of ergonomic.

The know-how of Ancap in manufacturing professional cups combined with the new wide handle offers a unique espresso experience.The grip is easier to handle and more solid than a standard cup.

A small and big innovation that makes the difference, mostly if combined with the special professional porcelain of Ancap fired at 1410°C. Our feldspatic porcelain is a best conductor of heat and maintain perfectly the temperature of espresso (about 65°). All the edges are studied to resist to thermal shocks and to impacts. All our products respect the international rules in terms of hygiene.

Every detail is studied, especially the colour. Our special white of porcelain enhances the perception of espresso and cappuccino. Discover Open on our web site www.ancap.it.

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